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Starting a Nutrition Business

For a long time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. To be honest, my mind goes to a million things when I think about purpose. If you don't know, I used to have a health and wellness "business" that was called HisFit. It was a Christ-centered group activity business where I taught a summer exercise group, hosted various events, and visited different organizations teaching fitness.

Then one day, I had an epiphany. Number one, I wanted my business to reach more people and number two I wanted to create space for nutrition within my brand because I had finally become a Registered Dietitian (woop!) with that in mind, I always felt passionate about holistic health. I spent time actually being an RD (one year #millennialproblems) until I decided I wanted to actually pursue this passion completely. I believe my transition into Alive & Well was slow and calculated which is what I wanted to do.

I'm of the belief that if I give 100% to myself, then I'm bound to succeed. So here I am, with Alive & Well, just starting where I am. I may not have it all figured out, but I 'm excited to start. For my HisFit Tribe, thank you for sticking with me and having patience as I figured this journey out. Stay tuned to learn more about the Alive & Well brand and what you can expect from us (read as "me", cause I'm the whole team right now).

What I Did So Far To Start

  1. Gave the Vision a Name

  2. Researched on RDN's

  3. Decided on my Brand Image

  4. Determined my Niche

  5. Engage my Instagram Audience

  6. Registered my Business

  7. Built my Website for Free on until I was ready to publish the website

  8. Developed my first product with corresponding marketing plan

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